Mattekure's Syrinscape CSV to Fantasy Grounds Soundlinks converter

This utility converts the Syrinscape remote control links CSV file into a Fantasy Grounds Sound Links module that works with Syrinscape Sounds extension now available on the Fantasy Grounds Forge at


  1. Visit the Syrinscape website and make sure you are logged in.
  2. Download your Syrinscape CSV file from
  3. Click the Choose File button, and select the Syrinscape CSV file downloaded in step 2.
  4. Click the Submit button to upload your CSV file. The CSV file will be converted into a Fantasy Grounds Sound Links module.
  5. A zip file containing your custom Fantasy Grounds Sound Link module will be downloaded.
  6. Delete any previous Sound Links modules from your Fantasy Grounds Module folder, including the original file downloaded from DMsGuild. Make sure you only have one sound links module in the folder. Check for older modules from previous downloads and delete them. Modules from DMsGuild may sometimes have numbers added to their name, so be sure to check for those as well.
  7. Extract the module file into your Fantasy Grounds modules folder.
  8. Enjoy!

Select Syrinscape CSV file to upload:

Offline Version now available

There is now an offline version of this converter that can be installed and run locally. This is typically much faster than using this web service as it does not require uploading your CSV file to the server, and waiting for it to process and redownload. The entire process takes place locally.
Source code and binaries can be found on github


For support with this website or the extension, please visit the discord at and ask for user mattekure.

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