Donjon Calendar to Fantasy Grounds Calendar module converter

This utility converts the calendar code produced by Donjon's calendar creator into a working Fantasy Grounds calendar module.


  1. Visit donjon's calendar generator and prepare a calendar.
  2. When complete, click on the Save/Restore tab
  3. Copy the code in the box
  4. On this page, fill in a name for the calendar, and paste the code into the calendar code field.
  5. Click the Submit button
  6. Extract the downloaded zip file and copy the module into your Fantasy Grounds modules folder
  7. Download the Generic Lunar Day Handler extension for fantasy grounds
  8. Install the Generic Lunar Day Handler extension into the Fantasy Grounds extensions folder
  9. When loading your campaign, ensure that the extension is enabled. It is listed as Calendar - Generic Lunar Day
  10. Enjoy!


This converter does not currently allow non-ascii code (unicode) characters.

Due to limitations in the Fantasy Grounds calendar code, this converter cannot convert ALL features available on donjons calendar generator into the Fantasy Grounds module. List of changes:


For support with this website or the extension, please visit the discord at and ask for user mattekure.

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